Research based. standards aligned.

Make learning to read fun for students

Build early literacy skills targeted to the specific needs of each learner.


Learners quickly and autonomously explore early literacy concepts through fun, playful worlds with intuitive design.


Students work at their own pace and are given adaptive exercises on each component of foundational literacy.


Ensure all students become proficient readers by gaining actionable data on whole class and individual student progress.


Foster a love of reading. Vocabulary-rich reward stories encourage students to keep learning and coming back for more.


Adaptive early literacy practice

Give students just the right exercises to keep them engaged, motivated, and learning.


With Lalilo, give students adaptive practice and explicit instruction in phonics, phonology, and phonemic awareness. Students interact with letters and sounds in multiple ways. Monitor progress down to the phoneme, letter, and sound level through the Teacher Dashboard.

Lalilo phonics screenshot

Sight words

Teach high-frequency sight words explicitly and systematically. All Lalilo sight words appear on either the Dolch, Fry, or Fountas & Pinnell lists.

Sight-word discovery

Word families

Through scaffolded lessons, Lalilo gives students the chance to take the letter-sound relationships they’ve learned and practice them across word families to solidify recognition of spelling patterns. Teachers can also assign any lesson on Lalilo to match core curriculum or provide small-group instruction.

Word family memory jungle


Lalilo offers practice for both listening and reading comprehension interspersed throughout the scope and sequence. Stories include learning scaffolds and comprehension questions built right into each lesson.

Lalilo Comprehension screenshot

Grammar and conventions

Personalize grammar instruction with Lalilo so each student has the time and practice they need to master these critical skills for reading success. With Lalilo, students build on what they’ve already learned and work on exercises that allow them to practice grammar and conventions independently.

Lalilo Grammar and conventions screenshot

Literacy for all students

Track early literacy development

See an in-depth overview of your district, school(s), and even class details from usage to performance and growth over time to track literacy development for all your K–2 learners with Lalilo Premium.

Lalilo performance report

Inform your instruction

Monitor the early literacy development for your whole class in a snap. The Lalilo Premium detailed answer report for each lesson is perfect for formative instruction. You can also assign custom lessons and view standards-based reporting for individual students.

Lalilo Class Snapshot Report

Keep the learning going with Lalilo at home

You can maintain your learner’s engagement with Lalilo at home, so their discovery and early literacy development can happen anytime, anywhere.

Watch this video to see how easy it is.

Students using Lalilo

Explore additional features

Personalize foundational literacy development for all students—no matter where they learn.

My students cheer when it's time for Lalilo! Lalilo has made a huge difference as students get instruction and practice when I can't physically be with each one.

Beth Marlatt • Teacher, Hulett School


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Master foundational literacy skills by grade 3

Discover how Lalilo can help you personalize foundational literacy development for every student.


Meet Lalilo

Learn how Lalilo builds the foundational literacy skills of K–2 learners with engaging lessons that meet students where they are.

Meet Lalilo

Give students personalized practice to help them master early literacy skills

Join thousands of educators nurturing passionate and enthusiastic readers with Lalilo.

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