Prepare students for kindergarten

Star Preschool Literacy: 1:1 computer-adaptive assessments for preschool learners.


Early Learner, English Learner, Every Learner

Why overwhelm educators and students with testing? Streamline the assessment process with valid, reliable data to deliver the right instruction, at the right time, for the right reason. Get a complete view of students’ progress at the grade, school, or district level, including achievement and growth measures.


The data and insight you need to inform instructional decisions, whether assessing in school or remotely.


Trust the validity and reliability of Star data, backed by research, validity studies, and millions of data points.


Cutting-edge learning science, data analytics, and test design deliver maximum impact in minimal time.


Statistical linking makes Star highly predictive of performance on state and other high-stakes tests.


Star tests for reading, math, early literacy, and custom assessment

Star Reading

Guide literacy growth for K–12 students.

Star Math

Lead students in grades K‒12 to amazing math achievement.

Star Early Literacy

Give Pre-K‒3 students their best possible start.

Star CBM

Get in-depth insight into elementary students’ development with curriculum-based measures for reading and mathematics.

Star CBM Lectura

Assessments that truly reflect K–6 students’ literacy development in Spanish.

Star Custom

Measure instruction with skill-based pre-made or custom-built assessments.

Star Spanish

Assessments for reading, math, and early literacy in English and in Spanish help you support emerging bilingual students.

Star Assessments for administrators, teacher, and family

Lead with confidence

View performance at the district, school, or grade level. Review performance and growth metrics so you can allocate resources to help all students succeed.

Star Math District Benchmark Proficiency animated screenshot.

Teach with confidence

Stay informed with feedback and support that enables you to understand what every student knows and the best instructional materials to motivate and get every student excited about learning.

Star Assessments Monitor Student Mastery screenshot.

Support your child's success

Know your child’s needs will be met with computer-adaptive tests (CATs) that screen students and measure progress, answering essential questions about your child’s learning needs.​

Star Parent Report screenshot, with woman and child reading a book.

Explore additional features and reports

Discover how Star Assessments enable you to screen all students, set goals, monitor progress, track standards mastery, and predict performance—all on a state-specific learning path.

We showed a few principals a fraction of what they could do. There was no pushback—they were amazed that all of this data could be at their fingertips.

Michael Flanagan • Assistant Superintendent, The Diocese of Madison


Learn how Star Assessments can help you ensure success for all students

Science Of Star Assessments

See the research behind Star and the many studies that prove the reliability and validity of Star Assessments

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