An assessment experience designed with your district in mind

Each district needs the ability to create and administer homegrown standards-based assessments, author items, and design custom reports. These needs are all supported by DnA, our assessment creation and administration platform.

However, some districts seek to invest in significant, platform-level customizations to truly achieve their vision for assessment creation, administration, and reporting. That’s where SchoolCity comes in. Start with the current platform as a base, and partner with our team to design and implement structural changes around online testing tools, accommodations, item types, and more.

Teacher and classroom

Security and privacy

As of December 2022, SchoolCity has received a SOC2 report from an AICPA auditor.

Customized assessment platforms for large districts

SchoolCity already partners with four of the largest districts in the US to achieve their “just right” standards-aligned assessment solution. Schedule a consultation today to start discussing yours.


Online testing tools, reporting capabilities, online accommodations, scoring mechanisms, and beyond—all to your specifications.


Benefit from a bank of over 80,000 highest-quality, standards- and DOK-aligned assessment items across core subjects.


Drive targeted classroom and district improvements with reports aligned to your key questions.


Save student and teacher time with a single platform for standards-aligned classroom formative, benchmark/common formative, and summative assessments.

Transform your district’s assessment experience for all stakeholders

Unlock a standards-aligned assessment platform that meets the unique needs of a large district—and specific needs of your team

Design an assessment solution unlike any other. Guide significant structural changes to your platform’s assessment capabilities, online testing tools, student accommodations, and more, so that every stakeholder is able to use data to improve instruction and standards proficiency.

Standard Progression reports

Streamline and advance data-based conversations

Bypass reports that don’t quite fit your needs. Quickly access data-driven insights with custom-built reports to answer your specific questions about student learning, progress, and standards proficiency.

Standard Progressions reports

Demystify formative feedback

Take the heavy lifting out of high-impact feedback. Know exactly what’s causing students to struggle and address learning disconnects in the moment with built-in distractor rationales.

Distractor Rationale report

Engage students as drivers of their own learning

Develop the right student-friendly reports to help learners understand their own strengths and needs. Offer flexible ways to demonstrate standards proficiency with performance-based assessments.

SchoolCity student reports

Explore SchoolCity’s capabilities

With SchoolCity, the possibilities are endless. Click to see what other districts are already using SchoolCity to accomplish.

We researched various platforms to see what was cutting-edge, and what appeared to be next-level. SchoolCity stood out because their team understands that urban districts need customization. It was at that point that we began our beautiful partnership with SchoolCity, and they have not failed us.

Betty Garcia-Hill • Formative Assessment Manager, Houston Independent School District (HISD)

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