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InfraRuby is a compiler and runtime for statically typed Ruby.

To install the InfraRuby development packages, type in a privileged shell:

gem install infraruby-dev

To create an InfraRuby project, type in a shell:

infraruby-init hello

Some directories and files are created for you:

	mkdir hello
	write hello/
	write hello/Gemfile
	write hello/hello.gemspec
	write hello/Rakefile
	mkdir hello/bin
	write hello/bin/hello-main
	mkdir hello/lib
	write hello/lib/hello.rb
	mkdir hello/ruby
	write hello/ruby/Hello.rb
	mkdir hello/ruby/Hello
	mkdir hello/spec
	write hello/spec/spec_helper.rb
	mkdir hello/spec/ruby
	write hello/spec/ruby/Hello_spec.rb
	mkdir hello/pool

To see the available rake tasks, type:

cd hello
bundle install
rake --tasks

These rake tasks are defined for you:

	rake library:core:compile                # compile library
	rake program:hello-main:core:compile     # compile hello-main
	rake program:hello-main:core:execute     # execute hello-main
	rake program:hello-main:interpret:jruby  # interpret hello-main with jruby
	rake program:hello-main:interpret:ruby   # interpret hello-main with ruby
	rake spec:core:compile                   # compile specs
	rake spec:core:execute                   # execute specs
	rake spec:interpret:jruby                # interpret specs with jruby
	rake spec:interpret:ruby                 # interpret specs with ruby

To compile and execute the project, type:

rake library:core:compile
rake program:hello-main:core:compile
rake program:hello-main:core:execute
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