Screening and progress monitoring for academics and seb

Make impactful data-driven decisions with confidence

FastBridge combines curriculum-based measures (CBM) and computer-adaptive tests (CAT) to support screening and progress monitoring across reading, math, and social-emotional behavior (SEB).

Universal screening for academics and SEB

FastBridge’s brief, valid, and reliable screening tools identify which students are at risk, pinpoint specific academic skill gaps, and drive instruction and intervention at each tier.

Inform Tier 1 program evaluation and pinpoint areas of effective and ineffective universal practices.

FastBridge universal screening

Progress monitoring to help close learning gaps faster

FastBridge’s valid and reliable progress monitoring tools measure whether interventions are helping students catch up so educators can easily tell whether to continue, fade, or adjust an intervention in half the time as other tools.

While many academic progress monitoring tools require 12 data points, FastBridge’s patent-pending FAST Projection™ line can deliver actionable insight in 6–12 weeks.

FastBridge Fast Projection algorithm

Know exactly how to teach and intervene

Receive Tier 1 classwide academic instruction recommendations, along with specific lesson plans.

Follow prescriptive small group and individual student intervention recommendations to target the exact skills causing students to struggle.

Support SEB for all students with embedded social, emotional, and academic behavior intervention strategies.

FastBridge Tier 1 instruction academic recommendations

Help all students become successful readers

Identify students with characteristics of dyslexia—without any additional testing. Assess the specific reading skills that research shows are most likely to predict a manifestation of dyslexia, including phonological awareness and rapid automatic naming (RAN).

FastBridge Dyslexia assistance

Strengthen Tier 1 with data-driven program evaluation

Inform Tier 1 program evaluation with valid and reliable academic and SEB data from all learners in the district, school, grade, or class. Identify areas of effective and ineffective core practices to continually drive instructional supports where students need them most. Guide academic and SEL curriculum decisions with accurate data around the specific skills most students still need to build.

FastBridge Tier 1 program evaluation

Drive equitable academic and SEB outcomes

Monitor trends over time and disaggregate results by different groups of students to ensure that growth is happening equitably for all learners. Examine patterns to identify areas in which specific groups of students are struggling to align more targeted schoolwide or whole group supports.

FastBridge SEB outcomes

How it works

How does FastBridge work?


Screen for academics and SEB

Screen all students in math, reading, and SEB with FastBridge’s brief, reliable, and accurate screening tools. Identify which students are at risk for poor learning outcomes and the specific skills causing students to struggle.


Plan Tier 1 supports

Drive district, school, and grade-level resource allocation to meet academic and SEB needs in the universal tier.

In the classroom, address classwide skill gaps with FastBridge’s whole group instructional recommendations and easy-to-follow lesson plans.


Plan Tier 2 and Tier 3 supports

Accelerate growth with specific and targeted intervention recommendations for small groups and individual students to effectively address skill gaps.


Progress monitor

Determine whether interventions are working—and if they’re working quickly enough—with valid and reliable progress monitoring across reading, math, and SEB.

Dive deeper into FastBridge

Screening to Intervention (s2i) Report

The Screening to Intervention (s2i) Report recommends specific class, small group, and individual student academic interventions, based on the data. This report enables you to:

  • Determine specific skill gaps
  • Receive instruction and intervention recommendations at each tier
  • Understand leveled reading program comparisons
  • Set up progress monitoring plans using recommended measures
FastBridge s2i report
FAST Projection line

FAST Projection™ line

Our academic progress monitoring tools leverage ground-breaking research on conditional probability from the University of Minnesota to know if interventions are working six weeks earlier than traditional methods.

  • Get actionable insight in six to twelve weeks, saving weeks or months of testing time
  • Intervene smarter with visibility into whether an intervention is working or needs to be changed
  • Keep students on track with an accurate prediction of future growth

It’s one thing to look at grades and see a student is struggling across most content areas. But when you’re able to piece together additional pieces of that data story—that they lack readiness skills or have difficulty with sustained attention and initial engagement—that informs the type of intervention needed.

Patti Wilson • District Response to Instruction and Intervention Coordinator, Clarksville-Montgomery County School System (CMCSS)

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