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How to compile hello-world

In this post you will see how the InfraRuby statically typed Ruby compiler translates hello-world to Java bytecode.

Consider this program:

puts "hello, world"

The InfraRuby compiler translates this program into three Java class files:


InfraRuby defines an instance method main in class ruby.main with four instructions: load STDOUT, load the String constant, call puts, and return:

  public void main()
       0: invokestatic  ruby/IO$eigen.STDOUT:()Lruby/IO;
       3: getstatic     ruby/main$const.x0:Lruby/String;
       6: invokevirtual ruby/IO.puts:(Lruby/String;)V
       9: return


InfraRuby defines a static initializer in class ruby.main$const to create the String constant:

  static {}
       0: ldc           "hello, world"
       2: invokestatic  ruby/InfraRuby$Support$eigen.load_string_utf_8:(Ljava/lang/String;)Lruby/String;
       5: putstatic     x0:Lruby/String;
       8: return


InfraRuby defines a static method main in class ruby.main$eigen:

  public static void main(java.lang.String[])
       0: aload_0
       1: invokestatic  ruby/InfraRuby$Main$eigen.init:([Ljava/lang/String;)V
       4: new           ruby/main
       7: dup
       8: invokespecial ruby/main."<init>":()V
      11: invokevirtual ruby/main.main:()V
      14: aconst_null
      15: astore_1
      16: invokestatic  ruby/InfraRuby$Main$eigen.fini:()V
      19: goto          28
      22: astore_1
      23: invokestatic  ruby/InfraRuby$Main$eigen.fini:()V
      26: aload_1
      27: athrow
      28: return

Note: this method has a handler at 22 for any exception raised in 4...14.

InfraRuby compiles main programs as class ruby.main, but you can define a static method main explicitly in any class:

## <>
class MyMain
	## -> void
	def main
		puts "hello, world"

	class << self
		## java.lang.String[] -> void
		def main(args)

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